Proudly serving the funeral and cremation industry for 43 years (formerly Frediani Cremation)

Air Transportation/Tray

Product # AT

1"x4" pine frame with Plywood or OSB board base
Six Soft strap handles
Securing Straps with removable buckles
Casket bag and shipping labels provided
Metal protective corners, securely screwed
Available in 1x6 pine frame

​​​​CT-2   Cremation Tray (Top/Bottom) 

Product # CT-2    

Side hand holes for ease of movement
Double-wall 500lb. test, leak resistant corrugated base.  5.5" Brown corrugated printed hood
Also available in children sizes

Combination Air Transportation Tray

Product # Combo Tray

Leak Resistant Inner Tray
1"x 4" pine frame with 3/8" Plywood base
Six sturdy strap handles
Two interior securing straps
Foam Mattress, body shroud
interior corrugated liner and top
Pop-up exterior hood with shipping label
Knocks down to 4" for easy storage and shipping
Metal protective corners

​​Deluxe Cremation Tray

Product # DCT CT@

Wood based cremation tray
Available in 1" x 2" or 4"x 1" pine frame
12" deep hood and securing straps
Plywood or OSB base
Available in adult, oversized and child sizes
Also available with handles